Best of Best of Success: Surviving an OSHA Inspection | 2020-11-25

An Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection can be difficult and result in fines and a damaged reputation, but roofing contractors with the right know-how have no reason to fear them.

That’s the message Keven Yarbrough had for roofing contractors who attended the second Best of Best of Success Interactive Web Series session held Nov. 24. Yarbrough is a former OSHA inspector who now owns Yarbrough Safety Solutions, a safety consulting company in Valrico, Fla.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RC decided to postpone its 16th annual Best of Success conference originally planned to be held in Dallas. Instead, roofing professionals can interact with some of the best-rated presenters and speakers from previous Best of Success conferences during five interactive webinars.

Yarbrough has presented at previous Best of Success conferences, and RC invited him back to give roofing contractors tips and strategies on how to survive OSHA inspections. He provided tactics, plans and information based on his experience and expertise that can help even the most stringent roofing contractors better navigate OSHA procedures. He also touched on OSHA’s COVID-19 guidelines and what rights contractors have regarding inspections.

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