New Projects

Manufacturers provided California Builder with their selections of concrete products that are making the grade. Some of these finds are newcomers, while others are tried-and-true favorites.

Countertops To Go
Buddy Rhodes Concrete Counter mix not only provides the countertop fabricator a consistent, workable, versatile, and high-end refined mix ready to go out of the bag; it also offers a whole system of colors, sealers, molds, wax, diamond pads, and hand-held mixers. According to the manufacturer, the mix contains the highest quality ingredients, including white cement and silica sand, marble aggregate, and additional components that make a world of difference in consistent moldability and a refined finish. Suitable for vertical applications and veined finishes, as well as toweled and ground finishes, it tests at 6,000 pounds-per-square-inch cured strength. For information, visit

Fire-Safe Roof Tiles
Eagle Roofing has created affordable and fire-safe concrete roof tiles that satisfy contemporary urban planning and complement virtually every architectural style. Available in flat, low-profile “S,” and high-barrel styles, the tiles come in a wide range of colors, from soft tonal hues to bold Southwestern tones. Both the standard weight tiles and Eaglelite tiles have passed Class A fire tests and other building criteria. Even better, Eagle’s transferable consumer-limited product warranty offers complete protection against structural deterioration of the tile. For more information, visit



Sonoma Cast Stone introduces NuCrete, a stain-free, pre-cast concrete surface that looks like new for years to come. According to the manufacturer, NuCrete has been chemically fortified and mechanically honed to a matte finish to retain the very popular look and feel of concrete and natural stone. NuCrete can be used for precast concrete sinks, countertops, tiles, fireplace surrounds, and other interior features. For more information, visit

Wall of Strength

Anchor Wall Systems introduces the Diamond Pro Stone Cut wall which shoulders the load for tall walls, transportation projects, commercial developments, water applications, and other critical wall needs. The wall features a patented, easy-to-use rear lip for fast and structurally sound installations, and offers the same dependability and versatility as its older sibling, Diamond Pro. It also offers an added feature – a great new look. With its rough-hewn texture and earthen colors, Diamond Pro Stone Cut mirrors the beauty of natural stone. For more information, visit