Materials producers offered funding to reduce emissions

Paul Wheelhouse

The Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (SIETF) is open to industries where energy usage makes up a significant part of production costs. Scottish businesses can apply for match funded grants of more than £125,000 to invest in energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies.

The fund will prioritise helping the most energy-intensive industrial sectors to overcome the challenges associated with investing in energy-efficiency or decarbonisation measures. The list of eligible industries includes cement, ceramics, chemicals, food and drink including whisky and spirit distilleries, glass, iron and steel, paper and pulp, and oil and gas refining.

Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said: “Our industrial and commercial sector have a vital role to play in helping meet Scotland’s world leading climate change targets, including our strategy target for a 75% reduction in emissions by 2030, and improving industrial energy efficiency will be a significant part of that.

“The SIETF will support Scottish manufacturing industries transition to a low-carbon future, not only helping businesses cut emissions but also reducing their energy costs. The support can be used to invest in a wide range of technologies, including systems to recover and reuse heat from an industrial process and technology to reduce the amount of energy used within a manufacturing production line.”

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