Lendlease to ban diesel from its sites

The change is unlikely to happen overnight – it has set a target of 2040 for becoming absolute zero carbon and a 1.5°C aligned company.

The company’s Roadmap to Absolute Zero Carbon sets out how the business will achieve its targets in Europe.

Lendlease plans to ensure that all the electricity used by its sites come from emission-free sources. It will only procure electricity that is REGO-backed (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates) from renewable sources (e.g. solar, tidal, wind, not energy from waste).

It will also begin trialling alternative technologies and fuels to phase out the use of diesel on its sites.

Lendlease says it will be Net Zero Carbon by 2025 for Scope 1 emissions, produced directly from the fuels it burns, and Scope 2 emissions from the power it consumes. It will then be Absolute Zero Carbon by 2040, eliminating all emissions, including Scope 3 generated indirectly from its activities, without the use of offsetting (paying for credits).

Lendlease chief executive for Europe, Neil Martin, said: “Setting targets is important, but it is how we deliver against those targets that really matters. In our roadmap to absolute zero we recognise that this is not going to be an easy task and that we don’t yet have all the answers, but it is vital that we take action and we are committed to doing so.”

The Lendlease Europe Roadmap to Absolute Zero Carbon can be downloaded at www.lendlease.com/better-places/roadmap-to-absolute-zero-carbon

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