WYG changes name to Tetra Tech

WYG was listed on the London Stock Exchange until July 2019 when it was taken over by US firm Tetra Tech Inc for £43.4m.

Tetra Tech already had six offices in the UK when it took over WYG and the two parts of the organisation – roughly 1,600 staff from WYG and 400 from Tetra Tech – have been working together since then

Craig Hatch, managing director of WYG in Great Britain, said: “Adopting the Tetra Tech brand is a natural progression for our business. We have come to see just how complementary our values and approaches are with Tetra Tech. Like WYG, Tetra Tech is a relationship-focused business that puts clients at the heart of everything they do, so becoming Tetra Tech in name and brand makes perfect sense.”

Tetra Tech chief executive Dan Batrack said: “The WYG operations have been a great addition to Tetra Tech’s global business and we look forward to further recognising this strong partnership with their adoption of the Tetra Tech name.”

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