A1 fire rating for prefab brick soffit


The Brick on Soffit System (BOSS) A1 is a prefabricated brick slip soffit system, designed to be bolted to IG’s welded masonry support (WMS).

It has been produced to meet demand for improved fire safety on tall buildings and represents the third generation of the IG’s BOSS product.

The prefabricated components are delivered to site with brick slips adhesively bonded and mechanically secured to the brick carrier unit using A1 fire-rated materials. This makes it Document B: Fire Safety compliant, the manufacturer says, suitable for all building heights.

IG Masonry Support managing director Andy Neal said: “It is clear that there has been a considerable need to develop systems that will provide a genuine A1 fire rating for buildings over 18 metres high. I am also proud that we have been able to respond to this market need with BOSS A1, which combines adhesives with mechanical fixings to deliver the performance demanded while at the same time delivering an innovative carbon neutral solution.”

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