Mace offsets its way to net zero

Mace chief executive Mark Reynolds

Mace reduced its corporate carbon emissions by 50% in 2020, and offset the remaining emissions by giving money to carbon-reduction projects.

Mace’s unspecified financial contribution to Carbon Footprint Ltd was put towards initiatives including tree planting in Brazil and wind farms in India.

Mace’s reduction in actual carbon was achieved by a 75% reduction in business travel emissions, a 75% increase in renewable energy, ending the use of diesel generators and  increasing the use of cement alternatives.

Having employees work from home for most of the year also helped the calculations, the company said.

Chief executive Mark Reynolds said: “I’m delighted that we have realised our ambition in the same year that we set our target. My hope is that our net zero carbon position will inspire the industry to take greater action as a whole. Only by working together, sharing our learning and supporting each other’s efforts will we make the difference that’s needed.”  

He added: “Our journey doesn’t end here. Our commitment to sustainability sits front and centre of our new five-year business strategy. We have new, tougher targets that will see us reduce our carbon footprint by 10% each year and deliver biodiversity net gain with the creation of 500 hectares of new habitat. Equally, in 2021, we will look beyond our own footprint and continue to support and measure helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint and scope 3 emissions.”

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