Southwark housing estates to get heat pump retrofit

Vital Energi are working with Southwark Council to deliver the £6.95m project, which will see water source heat pumps used to heat 2,175 properties across the Newington, Wyndham and Consort estates.

The project makes use of the existing district heating network, but three retrofitted water source heat pumps will replace gas boilers as the primary heat source.

Heat will be taken from locally drilled bore holes where the water is naturally warmer and then run through the heat pumps to further increase temperature, before it is pumped out to customers This is an extremely efficient and reliable way of producing heat.

Vital Energi regional managing director Rob Callaghan explained: “This is a particularly exciting project as it is the first large-scale retrofit of a water source heat pump project in the UK and we believe that this is a technology which will see wide-scale use in the coming years.”

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